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Alex Trebek Is Going Through Another Round Of Chemotherapy: 'Cancer Is Mysterious'

Alex Trebek is going through another round of chemotherapy after a troubling discovery from his doctors.

The “Jeopardy!” host told “Good Morning America” Tuesday that after he lost 12 pounds in a week and his “numbers went sky high, much higher than they were when I was first diagnosed,” his medical team made a decision.

“The doctors have decided that I have to undergo chemo again and that’s what I’m doing,” he said.

Trebek revealed his stage 4 pancreatic cancer diagnosis in March and received treatment that took him off the game show for several months. He only returned to the show a few weeks ago.

“I was doing so well. And my numbers went down to the equivalent of a normal human being who does not have pancreatic cancer. So we were all very optimistic. And they said, ‘Good, we’re gonna stop chemo, we’ll start you on immunotherapy,’” Trebek said to “GMA” of that treatment, before things shifted yet again.

The 79-year-old went on to say that “cancer is mysterious in more ways than one” and that the diagnosis has made him “realize how fallible each of us is in his or her own way.”

“I talk to the audience sometimes and I get teary-eyed for no reason. I don’t even bother to explain it anymore, I just experience it. I know it’s a part of who I am and I just keep going,” he explained of the experience.

Trebek currently has no plans to stop hosting “Jeopardy!”  

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